You Can Call Me Roger








Directed and produced by Jon Mann, You Can Call Me Roger is a story of hope that depicts the life story of retired Assembly of First Nations regional Chief Roger Joseph Augustine. His lived experiences with the long assault against aboriginal people and his near impossible climb to 45 years in leadership positions in his own community within the Mi’gmaq and Turtle Island circles are demonstrations of resilience and passion.


Chief Roger’s story as a young boy growing into leadership roles provides a contextual window into the long history of colonization and serves as an important vehicle for understanding the truth, healing, and reconciliation necessary to advance the relationship between the Aboriginal People and Canada.

The telling of his story is based in the history of the relationship and the events of over 150 years that have benchmarked the view of differences between people that is and was characterized by superiority and inferiority. The film is intended to illuminate and improve Canadians’ understanding beyond the narrow focus on the suffering of many Aboriginal people and compellingly suggests that the reality of the cultural genocide faced by Aboriginal peoples for hundreds of years are courageously solvable. Chief Roger’s history as a leader plays out against endless examples where progress – true progress – has been made despite the guilt, sympathy, and dismissal that remain to block perfectly achievable resolutions.



Director/Writer: Jon Mann
Producer: Jon Mann
Executive Producer: Sandy Hunter
Cinematography by: Jack Leahy
Editing by Jon Mann

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