Moncton tough guy Devon Leroux travels to the forbidding seaside town of Shellbrook in search of his missing girlfriend, only to find the haunted Maritime town is home to mutant lobster cultists devoted to a Lovecraftian horror awakened by warming waters and dark rituals, bent on global destruction.


An homage to Lovecraftian horror with a dark-comedic twist, CRUSTACEOUS takes the terror of Cthulhu and injects it with the charm and absurdity of Maritime New Brunswick. The film will bring viewers into the fictitious coastal region of Shellbrook, filled with salt-of-the-earth locals, sprawling ocean views, and an outcast group of cultists trying to summon a giant lobster god named Cephalophore!

When the story begins, the locals in Shellbrook have no idea that the world is on the brink of total annihilation, nor that they are the only ones close enough to save it. All they have to do is stop the cultists from summoning Cephalophore. The only problem? The cultists’ camp is in the abandoned fishing village of Seaside Village, and that’s a place Shellbrook locals would rather not fuss with.
The world’s only hope lies in the hands of our hero, Devon Leroux, a deadbeat with little motivation in life other than working for his sister Erika’s house painting business, collecting his paycheque, coming home to crush a few cans of Alpine, and repeating this routine until he lays to rest. However, when Lindsay, Devon’s ex-girlfriend, goes missing during one of her geocaching adventures, he thinks this is his chance to make things right with the woman he knows he never deserved. Determined to find Lindsay, Devon follows a path of clues leading him to Seaside Village. Erika, logical and cautious, has little faith in Devon being able to survive on his own, and offers to help her brother in his search.

As Devon and Erika voyage into Seaside Village, they discover the cultists, a group of cloaked outsiders in a state of being slowly malformed into lobster-like humanoids by the influence of Cephalophore’s dark powers drawing nearer. Their hands have become lobster claws, their flesh is eroding away, revealing a exoskeleton forming beneath. Led by husband and wife Abram and Pearl McCleggan, the cultists are holding Lindsay captive while performing their final rituals to summon Cephalaphore to the shore, along with the catastrophe he brings with him. As Devon and Erika are torn between stopping the cultists’ rituals and freeing Lindsay, they quickly realize they cannot have one without the other.

All the while, Cephalophore scuttles slowly across the Atlantic Ocean floor, drawn toward the cultists’ call, with New Brunswick as his destination. If he makes it to the shore, the massive weight of his shell and claws will bring a tsunami with him. His breath will make gales to spawn a hurricane, perpetually ravaging the world until there is nothing left, as the cultists prepare to embrace the orgasmic death they all feel they and the entire planet deserve.


Creator & Producer: Sandy Hunter
Writers: Steven Suntress & Matt Mott
VFX: Skyler Michaels
Production Design: Jared Carney

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