Deep in the remote wilderness of New Brunswick, Canada, a legendary salmon fishing lodge struggles to stay afloat amidst changing times.


It’s springtime and Berenice “Bernie” Tweedie opens the fabled Tweedie’s Gulch salmon lodge, as she has for decades.The staffs early season routines are abruptly cut short by the buzzing of a helicopter. Phil Hagerman, the well-to-do owner of Tweedie’s Lodge, emerges, flanked by a fleet of suits. Phil informs Bernie and company that has sold the property to the hospitality arm of StägHemer, a multinational conglomerate. Amy Cho, VP of Prestige Properties, introduces herself and her plans for the reinvention of the lodge to suit the needs of 21st century consumers. And so, as the season unfolds, the patrons of the past are gradually replaced as Amy’s innovative marketing strategy lures a new clientele.

The corporate takeover sparks an arm wrestle between tradition and change, and this conflict between the old and the new plays out over the duration of the season. As Bernie and Amy lock horns, the guides struggle to find a balance between what fishing was and what the sport has become. The staff must adapt to new corporate procedures and uniforms, all while increasingly eclectic and out of place guests arrive in droves.

Over the course of the 8-episode season, old relationships are torn apart, new friendships are formed, and the lodge very nearly turns a profit. But by the season finale, it becomes apparent to Bernie and viewers alike that Amy’s corporate masters have darker motives for the Gulch than they let on…



Creators & Producers: Sandy Hunter, Clem McIntosh, Adrian Greenlaw, Mike Allison

Writer: Steven Suntres

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